Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Puppies of High Status

Orange Building

Holy Jesus

Get the whole story at "Jeremiah's Vanishing New York" blog, link above


From this morning

Some nice stuff, NE corner of 30th and Lex, might still be there!

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Some nasty stuff

Does this have a technical term? What exactly are they doing, cleaning it or redoing the facade?

Scary Entrance Award nominee

16 E 30th Street

Brother Jimmy's almost ready

Pretty House of the Week

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I think they're in it for the money

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Murraytown Pride

So this is odd. I m doing research on Murray Hill, and Google gives me this link at #1 for "Murray Hill New York":

But it's not for Murray Hill, but Midtown East.

So I look on the menu to the left, and it has Murray Hill on the list. I click on that:

And get this, which says Murray Hill in the title, but talks about the UES and Gramercy Park.

Kips Bay Plaza renderings

This website has really interesting information on Kips Bay Plaza, completed in 1961. Let's just say that the exposed, deep concrete grid which combines interior and exterior and protects against glare and direct sun (and an atomic bomb, from the looks of it) --- uh, it might not be I.M. Pei's best work, right?

"combines both interior and exterior, structure and finish, into an integral whole"

"the deep concrete grid protects against glare and direct sun"

"the first exposed concrete residential buildings in New York City"

Murray Hill The Font
Designed by: Emil J. Klumpp
Designed when: 1956
MyFonts Keywords: 1950s, 1980s, american, curly, disconnected, feminine, freeform, informal, invitation, retro, script, sturdy


The more I read about it, the more I admire this place. What a good cause.


Rice is on 28th and Lexington and is delicious. I would have to say it is one of the highlights of Murraytown, especially considering its other locations (Nolita! Dumbo! Fort Greene!). Murraytown is hip after all, phew.

Twenty9th Park Madison - Sexy!

Here's the video making the case the Murraytown (rechristened as "Park Avenue South") is getting sexier. Nitza is the proof.

Now I know what's going on

When I first saw Jasper, I wondered about that small building next to it, next to the empty lot, and then on curbed I read something about a homeless shelter?, and so this morning I got the address, 120 E 32nd Street, and the name on the building, "mainchance", and so it does seem to be true:

The Mainchance Drop-In Center is GCNSSC’s multi-service facility, and it is our home base. At Mainchance, clients can stay in emergency overnight shelter or catch a bus to a faith-based overnight bed program; eat 3 meals a day in our kitchen; and take an exercise class with one of our community volunteers.

The GCNSSC Mainchance Drop-In Center serves a diverse street homeless population of single adults in and around Midtown Manhattan. As one of the city's largest drop-in centers, we assist individuals of many ages, backgrounds and cultures. Most of all, at Mainchance, we offer refuge from the street in a protective, welcoming and supportive environment - and we do it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In August of 2004 we moved to our new space on 120 East 32nd Street. The building’s name came from the phrase “having an eye for the main chance,” which describes someone who is always looking to improve their situation. We named our new center “Mainchance” after this idiomatic expression because we felt that this multi-service center would give clients their best chance at a new future—one full of opportunity and hope.

It is actually quite a beautiful cause, helping those less fortunate and those who were dealt a raw deal in life (which reminds me of the Bob Dylan quote, "You can't win with a losing hand"), and trying to create greater social justice and compassion --- it is just hard to try to sell luxury condos next to it!


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I didn't know hoods were into pinkberry

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All Boarded Up

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I swear these are new. They look brand new. They are shining for god's sake. I will get the exact addresses, but the are all along Lexington in the low 30s.

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Rodeo Bar & Grill

I love this sign.